Piper Quinn James


3:16Am – June 21, 2014


7 pounds 14 ounces 
20 inches long
10 fingers & 10 toes

Currently, Piper’s favorite pastimes include pulling Dad’s beard, kicking her socks off, and pooping. While it’s a little early to build a full psychological profile, she seems to be curious like Dad and determined like Mom.


Birth Story

Brynn’s water broke around 4am on Friday the 20th. The contractions weren’t very close together, so we felt like we had plenty of time to stay calm and make our way to the hospital. We stuffed a few last minute things into the “go bag,” grabbed breakfast, and were checked in at Harrison Hospital by 5:30 am. Our doula, Melissa, met us there shortly after.

Contractions remained about ten minutes apart for the rest of the day. We watched a lot of episodes of Bones while we tried to be patient, waiting for contractions to speed up. At 10:30 pm, Brynn opted for Pitocin, which is a medication that can help jump start contractions. 20 minutes later we were in real labor! Brynn actively labored for a little less than four hours. (Our nurses later told us that it was the quietest labor they’d witnessed — quite the feat considering Brynn didn’t use any drugs.)

Pushing took about 15 minutes. At one point, Piper’s heart rate was dropping rapidly and Dr. Christen advised that we get her out of there immediately. Although it was a scary moment, it was quickly remedied with another couple pushes. Our Piper Quinn was born at 3:16am on Saturday, June 21st – happy and healthy!



Choosing Piper’s name was easy. We love how it sounds, (both full-length and shortened — we call her Pip or Pippi for short), and it was also inspired by several awesome people.

John Piper
Pastor / Theologian
Pippi Longstocking
Literary Figure
Camarin Quinn Lyon
Brynn’s BFF


Like her parents, Piper comes from a long line of “melting-pot” Americans. We did a little digging and figured out exactly how her ethnic heritage breaks down.

25% Norwegian
12.5% Irish
12.5% Dutch
12.5% Scottish
12.5% German
12.5% English
12.5% Swedish